District Infrastructure

The district, like most scouting organisations, has both uniformed and non-uniformed volunteers. 

Uniformed sections of the District are led by the District Commissioner assisted by two Deputy District Commissioners. 

District CommissionerMark Hewson 

Whilst responsible for all Scouting activities within our District Marks specific responsibilities require him to provide a lead for Growth, Cohesion, Regulatory Enforcement, Complaints, Safety and Safeguarding within the District. 

Deputy District Commissioner (Programme & Activities)Jill Gladman 

Responsible for ensuring the quality of the programme and activities delivered to our young people is appropriate, safe and equipping our them with Skills For Life and enables them the opportunity to achieve their top awards. Together with a team of Assistant District Commissioners, support new adult volunteers as they take on leadership roles within Scouting. 

Deputy District Commissioner (People & Communications): Sally Holmes 

Responsible for the recruitment experience and for the management of the training support provided for all uniformed adults within the District. Supported by an Appointments Advisory Committee and a team of Local Training Advisors ensuring that the adults providing Scouting. Sally is also responsible for our internal and external communications.   

The District Executive Committee 

The Scout District, like the Groups it serves, is a charity. The members of the District Executive Committee are the Trustees of the charity and responsible for general policy and fund-raising.  

The District Chairman is nominated by the District Commissioner. The current Officers of the District Executive are: 

  • Chairman – Jill Long 
  • Treasurer – Jeremy Kett 
  • Secretary – Prue Payne 

There is an Annual General Meeting of the District Scout Council held each year, at which members of the District Executive Committee are appointed. Reports of the year’s activities and statements of the accounts are presented. All parents and carers of members of the 10 Groups and various District Units are entitled to attend and to vote at this meeting.  

The members of our District Executive Committee are  

  • District Chairman,  
  • District Secretary 
  • District Treasurer 
  • District Commissioner 
  • District Youth Commissioner 
  • District Explorer Scout Commissioner 
  • District Network Commissioner 
  • Campsite Manager 
  • The Group Scout Leader of our Duty Group 
  • and such other members as are considered necessary.  

Ideally, we should have at least 2 members of the District Executive below the age of 25.