GDPR Policy

Privacy Notice Arundel & Littlehampton District

This notice covers how Arundel & Littlehampton District processes your data, and links to the other charities are provided further down this document.

1. Purpose of this notice. This notice describes the personal data we record and how, why we process it.

2. Who we Are. We are Arundel & Littlehampton District Scouts, part of the hierarchy of The Scout Association,, and are governed by them. They are incorporated by Royal Charter. We are regulated by the charities commission and our registration number is 305868. We are part of a Scout county, West Sussex, and have Groups who belong to our district we are responsible for and help to coordinate. We don’t have a single Headquarters we operate as a district from, however, can be contacted through our advertised Social media sites, Web Sites, emails and telephone numbers. The district executive committee is the data controller for the information you give to us. The information we collect and store will only be in relation to their membership and discharging our responsibilities in record-keeping in respect of our membership organization. You can contact the officers for Data Protection by emailing

3. Data Processors. The processors of the data we hold are mainly adults holding a leadership role, however, it could also be other adults supporting the delivery of Scouting, Skills Instructors and Administrators such as the Treasurer processing payments. Since 2018 every adult holding a formal role in Scouting has been required to undertake training in the new General Data Protection regulation, and they undertake to only use compliant systems, online and offline depending on need, follow best practice for use, processing, security and retention. When Adults stop volunteering or change roles we undertake a process to ensure any data is no longer accessible by the retiring adult.  

4. Personal Data. This is when a living individual can be identified from that data, either directly or using other data stored, or data likely to come into our possession in the future. The processing of this data then becomes governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

• Why we collect. The information we collect is to administrate the membership of Scouting, to ensure the delivery of Scouting is appropriate to the individual, for monitoring achievements, financial records and ensuring appropriate recording of progress within our awards scheme.

• What We Collect. We collect only the personal information we need for our purposes, name, date of birth, sex, Address, contact details, next of kin details, immediate medical needs.

• Where is the data held? The UK Scout Association uses a system called Compass where every adult member is recorded. Every adult member can create an account for this system and access it to review the information held on them, and it is recommended that they do. When processing security checks another system, Atlantic Data, is used to process the adults Disclosure and Barring Service Check.

5. Retention. Upon leaving the movement any records relating to a youth member will be removed as soon as is practical usually immediately and certainly within 3 months. Limited details, of the taxpayer, for data used to make a gift aid claim, will be retained as required by law for 7 years.

6. Sharing of data. Within our organization, some of the data is shared to facilitate events and awards. On occasion, we may arrange an activity or event with an external provider. In many instances, their providers will require us to ask you to complete their own information forms and this sharing will be then transparent. In other instances it maybe we are required to only provide a basic register to comply with any site or activity rules.

7. Legal Basis. We use your personal information only where it is permitted by this regulation, which was introduced to protect your privacy. The sole use of the data is to legitimately administer all aspects your membership of The Scout Association.

8. Your Rights. You have a right to view, correct and request the deletion of data about you. Where we are constrained by law we will retain the data despite your request, and deletion of certain data may mean you can no longer remain a member of our movement.

9. Review. This policy will be reviewed every year to ensure it remains current, and we will post a new version on our website at